Visa Requirements

International visitors

All international participants who wish to travel to Norway must have a valid passport or other identity document, recognised as a travel document. Citizens from some countries need Visas to enter Norway and should plan to apply for their Visas well in advance. For details regarding Visa requirements, please see information below.


In case your national delegation needs a Visa to enter Norway, we will issue a signed invitation letter to the Ministerial Conference. Kindly note that it is your responsibility to apply for a Visa (including transit visas) in due time. We recommend that you contact the nearest Norwegian Embassy as soon as possible for information about Visa application procedures.

Applications submitted three weeks in advance of departure for Norway will be processed in time. Applications submitted after this date will be prioritised, but the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration cannot guarantee that they will be processed in time. All Visa applications must include all the required documentation.

All information on Visa requirements is available at the Foreign Service Mission where the applications will be submitted and also on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Please contact the Delegate and Invitees Service Office for a signed invitation letter to the FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference:

Gyro Conference AS
T: +47 61 28 73 20
F: +47 61 28 73 30  

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