Day 1 in English
Young people facing terror and disasters –
current knowledge of health consequences, early interventions and treatment


Dag 2 på norsk
Hva vet vi om barn og unge utsatt for vold og traumer?
Muligheter, utfordringer og veien videre


Join us for this two days seminar in Oslo September 23-24, 2013, and learn more about how we can better understand children’s and adolescents’ suffering after trauma, support their coping and help them thrive. Professionals from USA, Netherlands, Finland and Norway will provide cutting-edge knowledge for psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, researchers, teachers, police, journalists, healthcare workers, lawyers and other professionals involved in working with children and adolescents who have been exposed to violence or trauma. 

The first day of the conference (in English) focuses on terror and disasters, the second day (in Norwegian) has a broader outlook, focusing the array of violence and trauma children and adolescents are at risk of being exposed to.

The seminar is initiated by The International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) and organized by The Norwegian Center for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) in collaboration with The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS).


                    Miranda Olff                                                         Grete Dyb          Carolina Øverlien  


The seminar is supported by The Research Council of Norway